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Re: [T3] more power

I know for my 2.0L, heat exchangers (a.k.a.heater boxes) were VERY bad for the
engine as they were too small and caused the engine to get hotter than it
should.  My heads were opened up to flow more air.  When I put the 1.5" exhaust
on (J-tubed, thus no heat exchangers) the engine cooled down noticeably!  It
also revved more easily and the power increased.

Now, does a bigger engine NEED the heads opened up to flow more?  I dunno, I'll
leave that stuff to the experts.  But I *highly* recommend that it be done :-)

Here is a direct link to my Squareback's stats page:
In there you'll see a picture of my engine.  But simply looking at an engine
won't give you any clues to its power -- we've all seen stock engines at shows
or magazines that have been dressed up in chrome and race-look parts but they
are nothing but bone-stock horsepower.  And we've seen too many engines that
are over-carburated.  Looks really don't tell too much.

     Toby Erkson  --  air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
     '72 VW Squareback, '95 VW Jetta, '81 Gold Wing, '73 Porsche 914
     Portland, Oregon

----- Original Message ----- 
> > IN 1 5/8 PRIMERYS AND 2 1/2 EXIT
> Do you have pics of this setup? I'm converting my engine back to pancake
> after the PO put an upright engine in there and want to keep heat(even if I
> am in FL) and have a nice header set up.

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