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RE: [T3] repro rear cargo mat

<x-flowed>I picked up from them for $125. I too was happy to see the high quality. I got mine on Monday and just threw it in the car. The mat fits my 66 perfectly!

From: David Yaghoubian <goob@adelphia.net>
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To: type3@vwtype3.org
Subject: [T3] repro rear cargo mat
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 22:26:25 -0800

I was off the list for like 6 months so if this topic was covered, apologies!

Having grown up in/on/with my squareback and been the one who finally made the decision (sometime around 1984) to discard the cracked, oil-stained rear cargo mat, I was pleased to see on ebay that ISP was offering new, albeit pricey (like $150) repros. Long story short, I bought one and was pleasantly surprised by the high quality and exact fit. The only slight problem IMHO is the rubber lip that slips down into the groove at the rear of the engine lid is too wide, so it tends to stick up a bit when seated. I could cut it down with a razor, but it's so pretty I hate to put it under the knife so soon. Has anyone had this problem? Or am I the only one crazy enough to throw down a buck-fiddy for a repro rubber mat?!


Dave Y.
68 Square

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