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Re: [T3] repro rear cargo mat

On 12 Jan 2004 at 22:26, David Yaghoubian wrote:

> Having grown up in/on/with my squareback and been the one who finally made 
> the decision (sometime around 1984) to discard the cracked, oil-stained 
> rear cargo mat, I was pleased to see on ebay that ISP was offering new, 
> albeit pricey (like $150) repros. Long story short, I bought one and was 
> pleasantly surprised by the high quality and exact fit. The only slight 
> problem IMHO is the rubber lip that slips down into the groove at the rear 
> of the engine lid is too wide, so it tends to stick up a bit when seated. I 
> could cut it down with a razor, but it's so pretty I hate to put it under 
> the knife so soon. 

I've never seen one of these, but I CAN tell you that the OE ones do pretty 
much the same thing. IIRC that piece is L-shaped and glued to the underside of 
the mat. I think it may actually be the horizontal part of the L that is the 
problem, just because it tends to sit flat on top of the engine cover, but I'm 
not sure of this. 

I could do some measurements on mine for comparison if you like.

It always seemed to me that the mat would have been better if the horizontal 
leg of the L faced to the rear, rather than to the front, just because the 
engine lid tends to sit a bit higher than the floor around it, but I probably 
need to take a fresh look at all this to refresh my memory.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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