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Re: [T3] repro rear cargo mat

I got very lucky and was offered, and purchased, a cargo mat that was
slightly blemished for $60.00 from ISP.  The great thing was that the blem I
believe was nothing more than a pencil eraser spot where the rubber was a
lighter color.  I cannot even find where it is.  Anyway, my cargo mat fits
my 1967 just perfect.  I would recommend that anyone who is in need of one
of these mats spend the $150 since it is a very well made and durable

FYI - I was a my local junkyard [Russ Recycling in Duarte, California] and
for anyone who may be in need of one of these mats in brown, there is a
squareback [Tan color, yr. 68 up] that was in excellent condition junked
there because of major front end damage that had virtually flawless
interior.  I remembered being there last night and seeing that they still
had the cargo mat that was in very good condition.   Unfortunately when I
was there a few weeks ago there was a guy pulling out all of the paneling.
They are on the intranet for anyone interested and I believe that you can
order parts and they will ship.

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Subject: [T3] repro rear cargo mat

> I was off the list for like 6 months so if this topic was covered,
> Having grown up in/on/with my squareback and been the one who finally made
> the decision (sometime around 1984) to discard the cracked, oil-stained
> rear cargo mat, I was pleased to see on ebay that ISP was offering new,
> albeit pricey (like $150) repros. Long story short, I bought one and was
> pleasantly surprised by the high quality and exact fit. The only slight
> problem IMHO is the rubber lip that slips down into the groove at the rear
> of the engine lid is too wide, so it tends to stick up a bit when seated.
> could cut it down with a razor, but it's so pretty I hate to put it under
> the knife so soon. Has anyone had this problem? Or am I the only one crazy

> enough to throw down a buck-fiddy for a repro rubber mat?!
> Cheers,
> Dave Y.
> 68 Square
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