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[T3] Hmmm...how did THAT happen?

Anyone have any idea how I got unsubbed from the list over the holiday? With no feedback, posts, and without my knowledge? I was wondering why I hadn't seen any posts, and like a dumbsh*t I didn't think to look at the archive on the web page! I see many, many posts in my absence. So, I've re--subscribed.

I see there were quite a few replies to my post about cooling tin for my acquisition, the squareback as I didn't know if I had the correct tin on it or not. I now see that I don't need the tin (Thanks for the neat pic, Toby, and thanks to everyone else the replied, too!), er, I mean, that there is no tin there, like on a beetle.

As for the cooling system, well, the air boot (or whatever you call it) is missing! Guess that will be one of my first purchases.

'Course, before working on the Square, I'd like to get my chevy truck back on the road (hopefully just a head gasket), and I should probably cut up that Super Beetle I just bought for a $100 (unless anyone wants a southwestern shell-in-need-of-restoration once I strip off the drivetrain, glass, and anything else I can think I want to keep. (I have a touchy neighbor, which is why I think I'll cut up the beetle before working on the Squareback)

Anyway, howdy!

John in Albuquerque

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