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Fw: [T3] Snow in PDX

 Really?  70K? I really didnt think there was much to worry about till well>
over 100K at the least,  maybe yours wasnt set up properly or something at
 the factory. What kind of use did it see? I have several spares, sometimes
 the synchros get weak on the higher mileage ones and Reverse goes if you
 grind your way into it but  I havent really seen many bad MT trannies.

 I dont know how the first 164K went on my Square, other than the first 3
 years or so it was in Germany, then a race car driver owned it.  Since then
the last 125K or so with me has been about 80% highway miles, maybe 6K or so
with the boat behind it (again highway) so maybe thats why its lasted so

 My question is how loud to I let it get before I chicken out?  can I make
 300K??  :-)


> > Transmission mileages before overhaul depend almost entirely on type of
> > motoring.  Short journeys with traffic can kill them in well under
> > miles, just like brakes, clutches and engines.  My previous Type 3
> a
> > MT gearbox change at about 70,000 miles with no abuse - shaft bearings
> > very noisy and the shift was imprecise, though it didn't actually stop
> > working.
> >
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