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[T3] '68 Squareback

Hey guys,

I just bought a 1968 Squareback, which has been a dream of mine for years.
The problem is, I've only worked on American 60's stuff prior to this car,
so I've got a lot to learn like, who makes the best quality aftermarket
stuff when I've got to go that way, and what fits what from year to year and
model to model. I've got the Repair Manual and found an Owner's Manual on
e-Bay that I've been reading to learn as much as I can. It's been very
helpful reading the type 3 list in my e-mail this last month since I've
subscribed. Thanks Jim, for helping me with the shifter issue. I found an
interesting rusted tube running under my tunnel while checking the shifter
and figured out it is supposed to have the throttle cable inside it (figured
that was a goofy set up running under the carpet and back seat). Between
that and it looking like I should replace the pans, I've got to find someone
who does good reasonably priced work in the San Diego area (Would have known
if I was back in Minnesota). Hope you guys don't mind some 'dumb' questions
coming at you until I learn my way around my wheels so that one day I can
know a fraction of what you do. Thanks,

Gary Gunlock
'68 Squareback

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