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Re: [T3] Snow in PDX

The comparison is rather interesting.  But I still disagree with rust
though... the latest Escorts still rusted through faster than a Squareback
would have, about 5 or 6 years around here.  I suspect the more expensive
models are better, and perhaps the Focus but Ive seen some recent trucks
rust rather quickly underneath.

I have noted good performance on some of the mid line Chryslers  that are
GLUED in places that spot welds used to start.  The Fact that Type 3 fenders
are bolted on rather than spot welded I think has helped quite a bit but as
Northerners know... it wasnt a perfect solution.


> And corrosion resistance is significantly better.  Ford tests
> everything to 10 years/100,000 miles for corrosion, as do most of the
> rest of the auto manufacturer's.  The improvement is not only in
> materials but also in design.  Including inner fender splash shields
> (imagine how many Type 3 front fenders would have been saved with this
> simple addition.....), using e-coat and galvanized sheet metal, better
> sealants, better joint designs that don't trap water and dirt, etc,
> etc, etc.  I can't image a new Type 3 making it through even half of
> the high mileage durabilty tests that Ford puts its vehicles through.
> Ford offers a 5 year/unlimited rust-through warranty.  All
> manufacturer's offer something similar over and above the standard
> warranty.  VW today offers a 12 year/unlimited mileage rust-through

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