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Re: [T3] Snow in PDX

<x-flowed>>And Id like to find ANYBODY who has coaxed the tranny in thier Chrysler
minivan past 100Kmi, and if they go on a 7 year old vehicle its often not
worth the cost of replacing them, leaving you with a big piece of useless
junk.  Ford automatics of certain years are just as bad, but even the good
ones are hard pressed to make it to 150K.

We had to replace the transmission in our 95 ford windstar last spring (95 wasn't a particularly good year). It had a little over 100k on it at the time. That, along with a few other repairs brought the total repair costs for that car to around $6,000 last year. It's always a gamble - do you repair your old car, and hope that the repair gets you another couple of years, or do you bite the bullet and get a new (or another used) one? We decided to spend the money on the repairs because we were able to pay for them from our savings, and didn't want car payments! But that money may prove to have been wasted if something major goes wrong again.

As far as fixing problems on my notchback, (which I do quite frequently), I'm always amazed at how cheaply I can resolve it's (mostly minor) issues. Parts are relatively cheap, compared to parts for our other cars, and good advice from this list saves me a ton of money, to be sure.

68 Notchback
Highlands Ranch, CO

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