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RE: [T3] Snow in PDX

A huge percentage of driving safely in ice and snow
is the driver. My brother drove an '56 Austin Healy 
with bald tires, NO interior, no top, and a V8 some 
twit had put into it. He had to shovel out the 
interior in the morning to go to work as a ski
instructor. I went up to the cabin in my square and
as I was cleaning it off to go skiing, he came back
because he had forgotten something. 

He was flying up the snow covered road, and with 
some fancy driving, spun it around 180 degrees and
double parked with my square, with me between the
two cars. He jumped out, got whatever, and fishtailed
down the road.

It's all about the driver.

My daily driver '91 Previa has 300,000 on it and never
had any major work and it was T-boned when 2 weeks old.
They make good cars, but you gotta find the right one, 
and popularity does not equal quality, witness the 
Chrysler minivan and the T3's.

T3's were not popular, but they are quality.

Jeff '67 Sqbk in the hills of California

-----Original Message-----
Somday maybe I'll tell the story of driving the 
entire state of Indiana north to south on glare 
ice in a '65 Skylark beater with dead-bald tires.

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