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Re: [T3] Snow in PDX


Little has changed. Its just hidden sometimes with plastic trim.
Worst are the Korean cars and the Hondas, most 1997 and earlier have at
least one rust hole in them. Jeeps are absolutely terrible... as are many
of the Fords (sorry John). Problem is twofold, corrosion protection costs
money and people wont buy the better protected car if they have to pay for
what it costs to add the protection. Secondly, carmakes want us to buy new
cars, if they rust out faster we buy new ones faster.

Not really. With the proliferation of leasing (at least in America), I would guess that the average time that the car is owned by the first owner is less than 5 years. The vast majority of people buying new cars are not buying them because they wore out their last new car. Their life situation changes, they upgrade to the next higher model, they want the newest style, etc, etc.


Do new cars suffer from that fate? I thought the rust
issue had pretty much been solved by now with
electrostatic coatings, galvanization, new paint
polymers and other things I don't know a thing about?

I think it is time for a little dose of reality. I put this together a few years ago when we had a similar discussion. I think it is appropriate to repost it. Yeah, It looks like car prices of sky rocketed, but when you look at it based on average income it really has not been that big of an increase. And considering how much more car you are getting for the money, the price has gone way down. You really just can't compare a modern car to our beloved Type 3s.

The reality is that Ford, or any other manufacturer, couldn't build a car as simple as the Type 3 anymore. Safety and emissions regulations would allow it and no one would buy it. Why are the base models of most manufacturer's making better than 120 h?....because the consumers (at least in America) demand it.

And corrosion resistance is significantly better. Ford tests everything to 10 years/100,000 miles for corrosion, as do most of the rest of the auto manufacturer's. The improvement is not only in materials but also in design. Including inner fender splash shields (imagine how many Type 3 front fenders would have been saved with this simple addition.....), using e-coat and galvanized sheet metal, better sealants, better joint designs that don't trap water and dirt, etc, etc, etc. I can't image a new Type 3 making it through even half of the high mileage durabilty tests that Ford puts its vehicles through. Ford offers a 5 year/unlimited rust-through warranty. All manufacturer's offer something similar over and above the standard warranty. VW today offers a 12 year/unlimited mileage rust-through warranty.

Look at the comparison below. Hard to argue that cars today aren't a better value than they were in 1968.

All that being said, I still love driving my Type 3 and would rather drive it than a modern car, but it is not because it is a better car or a safer car. It is just because it is a Type 3.

John Jaranson
'66 Square (Sophy)
'71 Fasty (Jane - darkside project in waiting)
various parts.....don't we all.

Being in the auto industry I thought it would be interesting to do a little comparison. I took my 1968 Road & Track road test of the 69 Squareback and compared it with the 2000 Ford Focus wagon. Here are the tabulated results.

                                				Ford                   			VW
Item                            				Focus Wagon   		Squareback
Year of Production				2000           			1968
Ave. Household Income			$48,816  (1)			$8,632
Price as Tested				$17,815  				$2,771
Price/Income (%)				36%                     		32%

Engine                        		  		DOHC Inline 4 			OHV Flat 4
   Displacement (liters) 			1.988    				1.584
   HP                           				130       				65
   HP/liter                    				 65      				41
   Torque (ft-lb) 					135 @ 4500rpm 		87 @ 2800rpm
   Compression Ratio		 	9.6:1        				 7.7:1

   0-60mph (sec) 				9.3    				20.8
   1/4 mile (sec)  				16.9      				22.3
   1/4 mile (mph) 				81     				62
   Top speed (mph) 				105 (2)  				82

Seatbelts 3-point F/R 3-point F/lap R
w/ F pretensioners na
Airbags Driver/Pass/Side na
Brakes ABS Disk F/Drum R Disk F/ Drum R
w/vacuum assist

Comfort and Convenience
   Steering                     			Power assisted R&P		Worm & Roller
   Windows                      			Power       			Manual
   Door Locks                  	 		Remote Keyless Power 	Manual key
   Mirrors                      			Power Dvr/Pass   		Fixed Dvr
   Air Conditioning        			as tested     			na
   Sound system                 			AM/FM/CD        			AM
   Cupholders                   			3              				0

Transmission 4-spd Electronic Auto 3-spd Auto
Fuel Economy(mpg) 26 24.5
Range (mile) 315 260
Seating Capacity 5 4
Seat Width (in) F 21.3 / R 49.3 F 19 / R 50.5
Cargo Volume (ft3) 37.4 24.9
Oil change interval (miles) 5,000 3,000
1st Schedule Maint. (miles) (3) 100,000 3,000 (4)
Curb Weight (lbs) (as tested) 2740 2555
Warranty 3 yrs/36,000miles 2 yrs/24,000miles

Notes:  (1) Extrapolated from 1987-1998 data
        (2) Electronically limited
        (3) Excluding oil changes
        (4) Valve adjustment

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