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Re: [T3] Snow in PDX

Your right about this, and the reason is that the fancy alloy wheels these
days are too expensive to by 2 or 4 additional rims for a second set of
tires, and people are too lazy and cheap to have the rubber changed twice a

I WONT drive in the winter without agressive SNOW tires on the Golf, as Per
suggests it makes a HUGE difference and is one of the key reasons that I end
up passing nearly everyone else on the road when it snows.


> Finally we have the issue of proper snow tires. It is my understading that
> snow tires (either studded or studless) still isnt very common in USA. I
> really dont understand this! From my experience on other (Audi) discussion
> boards, the people who have "discovered" sow tires are never going back to
> season tires, and also wont believe the difference in traction. Here
> it is illegal (I believe) to drive on non M+S marked tires in teh winter.
> those who actually do so, are totally stupid. I have experienced driving
> regular "summer tires", as they're called here, on snow, and that is about
> most frightening thing I have done in a car, ever!
> PerL
> 73 Variant L
> 70 Variant
> 87 Audi Coupe quattro (My other enthusiast car & daily driver)

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