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Re: [T3] Snow in PDX

When I was in high school, driving my Bondo'd up 73 Square, one of the
teachers drove a 68 Square with Oregon plates on it... it was his WINTER
car!  I wanted to strangle him.... that car was all faded and scratched up
but not a single spot of rust on it!  I was so impressed that even the wheel
wells were nicely painted and rust-free.  I dont know what ever happened to
it, but the worst part of the whole this is that he was using it to save his
MGB from the salt.



> As to the salt, we probably have the tree huggers for keeping that away.
> Personally, I'm all for keeping salt off every single US road.  But
> owns that business is making a bunch of money serving the east coast so I
> it would be banned any time soon -- money trumps anything it seems :-(  On
> news the reports even said that salt is not only bad for the environment
> also extremely (yes, they used that word) corrosive to automobiles!
> they are trying some citrus solution that is "environmentally friendly"
> sticks to the road surface better...doesn't wash away in the rain as
easily as
> salt.
>      Toby Erkson  --  air_cooled_nut@pobox.com

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