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Re: [T3] Snow in PDX

Jim makes some good points, Ya ever notice how its ALWAYS the minivans and
SUV's in the ditch?  never seems to be the little honda or VW ....  I found
4WD will give you much more traction BUT much less stability and you cant go
fast in the snow at all with them.  The little cars (With GOOD tires) can
zip right along (in a straight line) but you cant hold the larger vehicles

I could comfortably hold the Squareback at 55 MPH on a snow covered STRAIGHT
thruway, the combination of large wheels and small car were excellent!  I
can probably do 45 or so with the Golf.
But of course you really need to plan way ahead if you need to turn or stop
cause it aint gonna happen quickly!


> You're probably better off with a lot of frightened drivers. Around here
> always takes at least one snowstorm to remind people that they have to
> their driving habits. Last sunday evening the ditches were full of SUVs
> drivers who just didn't understand that they should have slowed down.
> don't understand that a 4-wheel drive vehicle may go better in the snow,
but it
> won't stop any better than any other car. Being able to drive faster in
> just gets a lot more fools into trouble.
> --
> Jim Adney

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