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Re: [T3] 2nd Time Writing

On 8 Jan 2004 at 22:31, Rob Snow wrote:

> Well I've found that the exhaust is getting in my way
> of enjoying my drives. 

Check the joints where the muffler joins to the lower heat exchangers. Those 
often get loose and this allows exhaust to blow forward and get into the heat 
exchangers. I usually find that I have to replace the exhaust seals there and 
that the heat exchanger tube has rusted enough that the seal won't clamp down 
on it. You can fix this by wrapping some thing alum tightly around the pipe 
before you slip the seal over it. To do this with the muffler already in place 
you'll have to cut the new seal in half.

> It also races now, I think that the idle must be stuck
> on high because of the recent cold snap.  It makes it
> hard though on the really icy intersections.

It could be that the throttle cable is sticking (make sure that the carpet 
isn't snagging on the underside of the gas pedal - a common cause of this) or 
it could be that your electric chokes aren't working (depends on what kind of 
carb conversion you have.)

> It has no heater, I think that this car was parked for
> a long time and robbed of parts.

The parts are probably mostly there, but the control cables may have rusted and 
broken, or you may just be expecting more than this car will deliver. The 
heaters were never that good compared to a water-cooled engine with an electric 
heater fan.

> The blinkers blink as though the hazards are on but
> don't flash outside at all.


> This is a carb converted engine.  As far as I know
> it's the original engine.  It has a new fuel pump on
> it that I put on.  It also is missing the "muffler", I
> believe the Haynes called it the silencer?

Your main muffler is probably there, but the little damper pipe may be missing.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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