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Re: [T3] Exhaust in car, etc (Was: 2nd time writing)

RobS=> it has no heater, the blinkers don't work,
=> and the car always fills up with exhaust.

Well, you've got some work to do.


Of course! Don't we all?

For starters, you'll have to make a decision on your own potentials and
capabilities. Are you a tool-user? If so, some fairly basic tools, a decent
manual, the help of the people on this list and patience will get these
things fixed fairly quickly. If tool-using doesn't seem like you, an
on-the-ball mechanic can fix these things pretty simply, obviously at higher
out-of-pocket cost to you. But you don't want to mess around with exhaust in
the car, for instance, because in fairly short order it can kill you, your
passengers and maybe the people you run into while you're asleep.

The exhaust can be coming in through the rear hatch, which has a bad seal,
or through the engine cover, which has a bad seal, in combination with an
exhaust leak, which is not unusual.

=> It also is missing the "muffler", I
=> believe the Haynes called it the silencer?

That's a Brit thing. Call it a muffler or the guys at the parts counter will
be calling the FBI after you leave to tell them about this nut who came
looking for an illegal firearm accessory. FYI no muffler = *huge* exhaust
leak. I'm a little dubious about this though, because without the muffler it
seems unlikely you could stand the noise. Are you sure you're not just
missing the exhaust damper and tailpipe?

=> It also races now, I think that the idle must be stuck

Open the lid while it's running, grab the accelerator linkage, snap it open
and let it snap back. Watch the linkage, and look for hangups. This should
tell you whether it's stuck. More likely, just because it's been messed
with, little mechanical things need to be straightened out; perhaps your
mixture is too lean, but don't go there until you clean up the engine
compartment and fix the exhaust.

=> It has no heater, I think that this car was parked for
=> a long time and robbed of parts.

All those parts matter. Study that manual, seriously. It's not rocket
science, but you have to know the basics and what goes where.

As for the heater: The Type 3 doesn't exactly *have* a heater like the cars
you might be used to. What it has is an air-handling system that will keep
you and your girl roasty-toasty once all the parts are in the right place.
If you don't have a muffler, it's likely that at *least* 50% of those parts
missing. If you have a muffler and the car's been messed with, that number
goes down to 45%. Again, see the manual, particularly the diagrams (in this
case, Fig 2.1 of your Haynes, p. 47), and spend some time under the car
getting to know your way around, and yet again, *all those parts matter*.

=> The blinkers blink as though the hazards are on

This is as it should be. Fixing your indicators will most likely be a matter
of cleaning up your connections, grounds and wiring harness. The car's been
messed with, and this could be a big frustration factor in your learning
curve while you get all those little bugs straightened out. Lose the PO's
address if you can so you won't be tempted to go over there and punch him in
the nose.

Good luck, and welcome to the list.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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