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[T3] 2nd Time Writing

Hello All,

Well it's been about 3 or 4 months since I joined.  I
wrote in with a few questions a while back but with my
limited knowledge and no digital camera, i wasn't
getting anywhere.

I bought a 73 Fasty in late August/Sept. 
It wasn't running and needed some tlc.  I then learned
a lesson about bonded titles adding about a month of
extra paperwork and wait.
I thought that I was going to be able to fix this
myself, but eventually broke down and took it into the
It was a good thing because in a few minutes he fixed
things that would have taken me weeks to figure out. 
He's been working on these longer than I've been
alive.  He is always excited when I leave my car for
him to work on.
To make a long story short, between my limited skills
and his infinite knowledge, I know putt around town in
my Fasty.
It's still a long way from nice.  My friends think I'm
crazy cause it has no heater, the blinkers don't work,
and the car always fills up with exhaust.  But I STILL
It is so fun and handles so well in the snow that I
was actually shocked!

Whew, ok that's my history.  Now on to the questions.

Well I've found that the exhaust is getting in my way
of enjoying my drives.  If I drive more than a few
miles I start to cough (don't smoke cigarettes-causes
asthma) and leaves me stinking for a while.
It also races now, I think that the idle must be stuck
on high because of the recent cold snap.  It makes it
hard though on the really icy intersections.
It has no heater, I think that this car was parked for
a long time and robbed of parts.
The blinkers blink as though the hazards are on but
don't flash outside at all.

Any body have any suggestions. 

This is a carb converted engine.  As far as I know
it's the original engine.  It has a new fuel pump on
it that I put on.  It also is missing the "muffler", I
believe the Haynes called it the silencer?

I could really use some suggestions on things that I
can do myself cause my other car lost it's
transmission and that cost a pretty penny.

Later, enjoy the snow and cold

Rob Snow
Missoula, MT

'73 Ugly Fasty

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