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[T3] Does a Type 3 have engine compartment tin?

<x-flowed>I know the Type 1 has the engine tin that we are told to keep intact, and with a good seal, to keep things running good 'n clear. You know... that horizontal tin in the engine compartment to seal out under-car air. Helps the engine keep cool, etc. etc.

Does a Type 3 have similar tin?  I can't tell from my Bentley's or Haynes.

I have a '72 Square that was dropped off to my house just a few days ago. At this point, I know pretty much nothing about the car that can't be seen with just a cursory glance (it was a nice price off of a buddy, if you're curious why I would buy a car in this fashion!). I don't even know yet if the engine runs! I noticed no 'tin' though. (The tin around the cylinders & block looks intact, but I have not yet verified if the thermostat is on the engine or not.)

While it "should" have FI, it is carbureted. I notice that the engine fuel pump is not hooked up, so I need to see if the electric fuel pump is hooked up, or what. If the electric pump is being used, will I see any problems with the engine being carbureted?

So far, the only benefit I have received is the 1/2" ratchet, short extension & 19MM socket that were in the trunk!

Anyway, I thought I would ask about the engine compartment tin...

john in Albuquerque

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