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Re: [T3] Type 3 Selecta (list)

Just updated the list. Thanks for everone's additions. I've added a new
category: **custom**

I think I'm ready to start. I don't really have a schedule for this, but I'm
hoping to get it done within the next month. At least the first version with
one or two cars. I'm going to start with the Squareback and the Type 34.

If anyone has any programming expertise with Flash, please let me know. I'm
a decent designer, but a hack programmer...




   ** model/body **

-stock sunroof

-square/notch/fast/type 34/sp2(if i can find a good profile
photo)/fridolin(is this a type 3??)

-turn signal options (wrap-around or bullet)

-flat red and amber/red vs. round red and amber/red taillight lenses.

-as many color choices as possible (like the bug selecta has)

-early or late nose!!!!!!!

-bumpers(early/late) - no bumpers - w/ or w/o overriders

-one piece/original windows

-lots of stance varieties

-include the 'vert notch (top up/down)

   **body trim**

-pop-out windows. show the button and maybe them open

-cal-look, hawaiian-look or original trim seals

-side marker option (early/late)

-fender/gravel guards

   ** wheels **

-vintage wheel choices (even ones that aren't gonna fit)

-polished porsche cookie cutters

-good selection of rims, maybe even larger or smaller sizes

   ** options **

-trailer hitch

-lots of graphic options: original type 3 graphics, flames, scallops etc.


-fog lights


-tinted windows

-eye lids

-roof rack

-swamp cooler

-rear fender skirts

   ** custom **

-chopped top

-targa top

-no top

-early beetle headlights

-picture window (large back window on square)

-with side trim / without side trim

-shaved door handles

-rag top (1/2 length or full length, i guess show it with the top open)


Phillip Bradfield

        southern oregon vw club: http://www.sovw.com
        rose city volksters: http://www.rosecityvolksters.com
        ddb: http://www.theddb.com

1969 Variant - Savanna beige, Type 4 2.1l (soon), speedster soon to have a
bus dash

1968 Variant - Granada red, 1835 with dual 40 Dellortos, with 67 euro

1963 1500 - Ruby red, 1600 with dual Solex carburetors, soon to be full

19?? Sandrail - Primer, soon to have 2.3 EFI Turbo Ford motor

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