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Re: [T3] Weber 34's and which dizzy to use!

  keep in mind this is a typ4 bus engine produced inbetween 80-83 when the
wasserboxer took over !

now for quite a few years prior to this vw made typ4 engines running dizzys
with points and no apparent retard to the no3 cylinder !!!

of course  vw would have put all the knowledge they had into this engine as
the last incarnation of the air cooled flat 4 and things like retarding no3
dont just happen without good reason be it the oil cooler in the way or the
fact that the fan naturaly pushes more air to the other bank of cylinders i
would not like to say perhaps both.

 for the cu engine they also moved the alternator further away from the
engine and stopped feeding it air from the fan housing also they stopped
feeding the heat exchangers with air from the fan all air is sent to the
cylinders !did they decide that the engine needed more air from the fan
rather than bleeding parts of it of for other purposes ? must of.

the typ4 engine in a heavy bus did have a reputation for decideing to let go
of its seats is this the case with the last model cu engines my research
shows it was by no means so common but then neither where the engines in
general compared to all the previous 411 412 and bus engines with oval port
heads .

neil verdon.

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