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Re: [T3] sitting for a while...

On 5 Jan 2004 at 22:15, David Johnson wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> Just curious, you mention that:
>  " Rebuilt OE parts
> > (especially the front calipers) are better than the replacement parts
> currently available.  "

> I just replaced my front calipers with new replacement parts...they look
> good and work well at the moment...is there anything I need to be concerned
> about using new replacement calipers or is just that the OE calipers lasted
> longer?

I don't keep good tabs personally on what's available out there, but from what 
I hear from others, the currently available replacements are quite different 
from the OE calipers.

The replacements:

lack the cutouts in the pistons which even up pad wear.

lack the internal compensating pins 

have dual bleed valves (a good thing!)

MAY be 40mm instead of 42mm (10% less braking action!) because they are 
actually type 1 Ghia calipers. There seem to be LOTS of people out there who 
sincerely believe that the 2 calipers are the same, but they're wrong. This is 
a BIG negative.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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