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Re: [T3] Type 3 Selecta (beetle headlights)

<x-flowed>Thanks Keith,

These fenders would have taken the same amount of work to restore to original. Basically I cut ou a lot of rotten metal and a swiss cheese headlight bucket.
I am no great bodyman, but I am somewhat persistant.
I think I have photos of the original rust somewhere.
This is the tip of the iceburg, the heater channels have all been rebuilt, and the inner rear quarters.
We have salt. :(
I'll have to bring the photos to the invasion.

At 08:04 PM 1/5/04, you wrote:
This takes some body work talent.  I often dreamed of trying it on my
Square... even got some Beetle headlamp buckets, but I didnt have the guts
to cut up a perfect pair of rust free front fenders, and the Square has such
good light pattern that I was afraid Id mess it up.

let us see some pix when your done... so far it looks great.


> Hi Guys, > Here are a few photos of my attempt at this body part graft. Maybe you > could use it for reference? > try here: <http://mysite.verizon.net/vze20hp2/gggweb/SquarebackLights.htm> > > At 07:45 PM 12/31/03, you wrote: > >>Beetle headlights > >Nice darkside option. <G>

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