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Re: [T3] sitting for a while...

Welcome to the list.

Algorithm Records=> I just bought a 1967 fastback
=> that has been sitting for almost 2 years...

Congrats! Two years isn't all that long, but it's not unlikely that
important maintenance issues have been neglected by previous owners, so
you'll want to take a good look at things before you trust your life to your
new baby.

=> what other things should I check to make
=> sure that its safe and road-worthy?

First, really important: Get a good manual and study up.

Won't burn up:
Replace all fuel hoses. If you see rusty gunk in the filter, pull and clean
the tank, and replace the fuel sock in the tank. New fuel filter too,
obviously. Tear down the fuel pump and clean the gunk out of there as well.
Don't break open the carbs until they show they need it, but inspect closely
for fuel leaks around the butterflies and intake manifolds.

Unless you're *sure* it's been done in the last five years, replace all
brake hoses and flush the system, check for leaks in wheel and master
cylinders. Consider an upgrade to silicone while you're at it. Test for
stuck calipers and readjust the rears, they always need it.

Goes where you want:
Follow manual procedures and inspect your ball joints and steering joints.
Check that the steering damper is in good shape. Make sure the car sits
level side-to-side, unloaded.

Keeps rolling:
The bearings you're already looking into. Check that the wheels are true,
look for dents and curb checks. Do you have the right size tires, and are
they in good shape? Don't neglect the spare. Check the shocks, and don't be
surprised if you have original units that are still working just fine. Drain
and refill the transaxle. At the lube station, flush out the old soapy gunk.
Do all four grease points on the front beam.

Lights up:
Clean the contacts and grounds in your lights. Clean out lenses, replace
bulbs as needed. Check ground straps at battery and transmission, and clean
up the primary connection at the starter. Those steps'll take care of 90% of
pesky electrical problems.

Since this is out already, I'll leave issues like timing, valves, oil, etc.
to the manual. But I'd encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to
clean up the engine bay and get the wiring sorted out there.

I'm sure others will fill in what I've missed. Good luck!

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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