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Re: [T3] CRACK

> On 4 Jan 2004 at 20:10, Jim Adney wrote:
> I should add that ALL the type 3 cases I've ever taken apart looked pretty
> like this. I suspect that the oil came out of the oil cooler ports when
> cranked the engine. With the cooler out, you really couldn't build up ANY
> pressure inside the oil passage that is under there, so there would be no
> reason for oil to come out a crack there.
> If by some chance there really IS a crack there that goes thru to the oil
> passage, I have good used type 3 cases. I would not try to repair this

When I was cranking the engine, I had some plugs in the oil cooler holes
that I put in to keep the rats nests out of the oil passages while I was
cleaning out the nests. I watched oil come out of the crack when I cranked
it. I just came in from the garage, I've torn the engine down to the bare
cases and I'm taking them tomorrow to see about repair. I have looked in the
places that cracks are supposed to be common on these cases, but don't see
any others (there is lots of grime though, so it's hard to tell). The rest
of the engine looked pretty good on the inside. The cylinders still had very
prominent crosshatching, is this normal? Almost no ridge at the top, and I
suspect most of what is there is carbon build-up, not wear. The cam has no
obvious wear patterns, but that may not tell me very much. I didn't look yet
at rod side clearance. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions, I'll
keep you posted.

Terry Cost
1970 Square "Down but not for the Count"

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