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Re: [T3] CRACK

Cooling tin rubbing through sounds right, as the tin on that side was very
tight against the case. Unfortunately, it did rub all the way through into
the case. I was turning the engine with the starter to check the compression
and noticed the crack because oil was running out of it onto the cylinder.
Would JB weld hold up to hot/cold cycles? I'm afraid that it would not
expand and contract with the case and come off. The compression check showed
about 75 on one cylinder, 80 on another, then around 100 on the third, and
then that's when I noticed the puddle of oil. Do these readings sound right?
I think that I'm looking at a new set of P/C also, which I kind of planned
on anyway. Thanks for all the info, back out to the garage.

Terry Cost
1970 "Square with a broken Heart"

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> On Sun, 2004-01-04 at 16:51, phil cain wrote:
> > Terry, I have seen quite a few of cases like this one,
> > clean it up and put J.B. weld on the cut place in the
> > case where the cooling tin rubbed it. It should not be
> > all the way through.. Phil
> >
> Yes, maybe Phil is right, that is just where the tin rubs, and not a
> crack.
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