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Re: [T3] Body Straightening (long post)

> > My question: could a body shop put one of our cars on their frame rack
and straighten out this
> > sort of damage? Has anyone had any experience having their car repaired
> > this manner? Especially in or around Austin, TX?
> >

> It was done all the time when they were new. I don't see why it can't be
> done now. It is not that hard a job, if the body isn't rusted too bad.
> See if you can find an older frame shop to do it. They might just be
> familiar with it, and have the book with the dimensions that it needs to
> be.
> --
> Russ Wolfe
> '66 FB MT
> '71 FB AT
> '65 Bug (not running)
> russw@classicvw.org
> http://www.classicvw.org

The car doesn't have any rust. It sat inside a warehouse since around 1980.
The PO and a friend both had '70 squares. The other square's engine died,
and they took the engine out of mine to fix the other one, then sold it and
split the profits. I'm assuming that the rear end damage is why they took
the engine out of mine. The PO then sold mine to an employee, who was going
to convert it to electric, and there it sat untouched until I bought it
about three years ago. The engine sat in pieces under a part of the roof
that leaked, so all that I got engine wise was a lot of rusty junk. The rest
of the car is in really great shape except for the bent rear end. The parts
car engine that I bought has been home to assorted rodents over the years,
so I'm pulling off all the tin to make sure that all the nests are cleaned
out. I'll try to post some pics on the Samba of the damage to the rear end.
Sorry, I know that this is a rambling post, it's been a long day. By the
way, does anybody have the specs for the body that the body shop would need
to straighten this thing out? Thanks again.

Terry Cost
1970 Square "Project Rodent's Lair"

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