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Re: [T3] POR 15.. my final verdict.

<x-flowed>On Tuesday, December 30, 2003, at 06:45 PM, Keith Park wrote:
 I still wouldnt use it again.

Keith and everyone else,

I am not trying to change your mind about POR15, nor am I defending POR 15, just telling of my current test.

I have an 20' flatbed auto transport trailer with a steel bed that is stored outside in the Houston, Texas weather 24/7/365.

I decided that this would be a perfect test for POR15. I decided to do exactly as prescribed and bought the Marine clean, metal ready and 1 quart of semigloss black (non-UV resistant) paint.

First, keep in mind that there was only light surface rust peaking through the faded paint.

Cleaned the surfase with marine clean, prepped it with metal ready (no sanding or wirebrushing) and painted the ENTIRE TOP OF THE TRAILER, fenders and mounted toolbox with 1 qt of paint. just one coat. I DID NOT use the UV resistant top coat as prescribed by POR15. I have towed cars on it, hauled parts on it, stored it in the rain and sun since then.

After a year now, there has been no rust show up. Keep in mind that down here, if you sandblast metal, you have to seal it within an hour or you can literally WATCH rust form! So, we're not talking about needing to wait for years for results. The reason I wanted to watch this over a year or more was to see what would happen to the non UV protected paint. So far, the paint has dulled, but as far as I can tell, the protective properties have not failed. (for my trailer's use, a flat finish is preferred to the semigloss finish, go I'm not exactly displeased with the dulling of the finish for this particular use.) But, I would advise use of the UV protective coating if you want to preserve the finish when being stored in sunlight. I have not yet tested the UV protective coating at this point.

So, there you go. This is my test results so far. Feel free to ask questions if you like.

Big Al

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