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Re: [T3] Weber 34's and which dizzy to use!

Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:
>I wish I knew what was wrong with the 009 that makes everyone hate them. 

The build quality on the 009's has gotten really bad over the last several years.  Some of them don't seem to advance enough, others have been found with *huge* amounts of advance (I heard someone report 42deg from one), occasional cases of the shaft being off-center in the housing .. I'm sure there's a huge list out there someplace.

>I really don't think that you could do any better than using a stock 68-9 FI 
>dist, the 311 L and leave the vacuum advance disconnected.

I've done some (admittedly unscientific) testing on a couple of my VWs, my '65 T1 (1776, header, dual Kadrons) and a '75 Westfalia (1.8L T4, header, 34ICTs (thanks again Brian!)).  On both of them I've ditched the 009 and put in a 205-series electronic-ignition (Vanagon) distributor, with the vacuum advance disconnected.  Both times the result has been "good", but since the Westy was recent it's fresh in my memory.  It has noticably more power, better drivability, and it even mostly quit popping up the carbs.  And it's only rough-timed right now; when I get it *actually* timed with a light it'll be better. =) 

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