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Re: [T3]

Thanks again Mr. Adney.  I don't think it needs a rebuild
yet either.  You mentioned many variables.  I'll check the
compression, rebuild the pump, check the valves, and swap
oil again.



> On 25 Dec 2004 at 8:37, rjdiaz wrote:
> > Questions:
> >
> > a.  Should I use a thinner oil?  Castrol is easy to get
> at
> > the base but not in a wide range.  The price of oil out
> in
> > town is prohibitive.
> Especially in the winter, I believe this is a very bad
> idea. Thicker oil seems
> attractive because we tend to think that it will lead to
> higher oil pressure.
> It certainly does, but mainly within the oil passages. The
> main oil pressure,
> however, is generated hydrodynamically within the bearings
> and journals
> themselves and does NOT show up on your pressure gauge.
> Heavier oil in cold
> weather will actually be counterproductive since it
> increases the time after
> startup during which oil does not actually get to the
> bearings.
> Heavier oil also puts more strain on the oil pump, because
> it takes more HP to
> force that thicker stuff thru the passages. This not only
> wastes HP, but also
> causes excess wear on the pump parts.
> I'd stick with something like 10W-30 or 15W-40 depending
> on the temperature.
> > b.  I'd like to get a re-build kit for the fuel pump in
> case
> > it's leaking but I'm having trouble finding it.  Does
> anyone
> > know who sells quality kits?
> There were probably different pumps used in type 3s over
> the years, so I THINK
> you will have to describe yours first. Be aware that you
> can probably use a
> type 1 kit if you reuse the type 3 springs. The springs
> are different because
> the springs determine the output pressure, which is
> slightly different for type
> 1s and type 3s. I'm not convinced that the difference is
> significant, but if it
> were my car, I'd make every effort to make sure it had the
> right springs in
> it..
> > c. Any thoughts from the group on the high lead in the
> oil analysis?
> > What is the make up of the bearings on these original
> engines?
> Don't know, but in the US even the lead substitutes don't
> contain lead. I would
> not trust any analysis that did not come from a car in
> regular use, since acids
> that accumulate in the crankcase may leach material from
> the bearings
> chemically. I would also not trust an analysis from runs
> using inappropriate
> weights of oil, which in my opinion you've been using.
> Frankly, I'm not even sure that the VW bearings contain
> lead, but I suspect
> that that they do.
> There's also the possiblity that the oil analysis is
> slanted toward the vast
> majority of engines that actually have oil filters. The
> analysis company would
> have to tell you whether this would make a difference. I
> think it's quite
> possible that in this day and age they haven't even
> considered this
> possibility.
> Finally, you may need to recognize that the leaded gas of
> the past left residue
> in the crankcase and oil passages that would stay there
> virtually forever.
> (Remember the grey "goo" that used to always cover the oil
> sump plate when you
> changed the oil in the old days? Much of that was lead.)
> Well, if this is an
> old original engine that has seen little mileage in the
> past 20 years, then
> there is probably a lot of that residue still in there. I
> don't know if the oil
> analysis can differentiate this residue from bearing lead,
> but it might be a
> reasonable question to ask the analysis people.
> I guess that overall, I'd want better evidence that this
> engine actually needed
> a rebuild.
> Yes, switch to lighter oil, get a compression tester, and
> wait for warm weather
> and give this baby some nice warm highway miles and a few
> oil changes. Then
> maybe you will have a better idea of whether you actually
> have a problem or
> not.
> BTW, the most likely things to give you a problem are the
> exhaust valves. You
> can check the valve to valve guide slop while adjusting
> the valves. This is
> probably the thing you should be watching and thinking
> about.
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