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Re: [T3] No oil pressure

On 24 Dec 2004 at 11:07, David V.N. wrote:

> A couple of days ago,I went to start up and the light wouldn't go out
> at all.Okay,says I,I'll do it now.Shut it off,got out to see a big
> puddle of oil.Split filter!Ok,it's cold.Maybe a bit enthusiatic with
> the revs.But with 30w oil?Replace filter,top off sump,replace sender
> with new,new connector and try again. SAME thing! 

> Remove pressure switch.Crank with no coil wire.No oil out of switch
> hole.Remove wire from switch,turn on key= no light.Hmm. 

Do you have one of the pressure relief oil pump covers? I really like these for 
cars that might get driven in the winter. 

If you really dumped all your oil out on the ground, then it's possible that 
your pump is just taking a long time to prime itself and to fill the new empty 
filter can. I like the idea of taking the pressure switch out to see if oil is 
getting that far. If that fails, try taking the filter off to see if oil comes 
out there okay.

Russ might be right about the pressure relief valves, too. If one of them stuck 
closed, then the pressure would go thru the roof and that might explain the 
burst filter. Was it below freezing? If so, a little water could freeze in 
there and hold the piston shut. You might want to pull the pistons out just to 
check them, or wait for a warmer day and try again.

I understand the temptation to "show off" a nice engine when you first start 
up, but try to avoid this, because revving a cold, dry engine is just about the 
worst thing you could do to it. Try to hold it at a steady1500 rpm or so until 
oil has gotten pumped everywhere and the spray from the crank has lubed the 
cylinder walls. Then drive moderately until the engine has had a chance to warm 
up a bit.

I suspect that good warmup habits can really reduce engine wear.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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