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Re: junk in ATF pan :( (was Re: [T3] AT 'prefers' to not shift into 3rd)

I am off list, so I am slow to respond.
Sorry to see your problems Greg.
You do have a problem.
The red flacky material IS friction material off the clutch disc's or off
the bands. The metallic is probably bushing/thrust washer material.
As for the stones, I cannot say where they came from. They are definitely
not part of the trans internals.
The only good news it, that parts are still available for it.

I also have 2 used trannies available. One is complete, and the other is
unknown. I got it in with a bunch of other stuff I bought by the pickup

Let me know, if there is anything I can help with.

Russ Wolfe
(On the road, in SoCal.)

> 	Ok, some time back, trouble developed with my '69
> Squareback's automatic transmission.  (See previous post below.)
> 	I spent some time with the car today.  I dropped the ATF pan,
> and found more than I expected to see.  Pictures here:
> 	http://69squareback.nannynannybooboo.com/200412_AT/   (slow link.)
> Basically, I found...
> 	o very fine metallic dust suspended in the fluid;
> 	o very thin metallic flakes, mostly < 1mm diameter;
> 	o crumbly pieces of nonmetallic, reddish, flat strips, about
> 1cm wide; and
> 	o some small stones. (!)
> 	Do folks have experience with seeing any of these sorts of
> things in their ATF pan?  What could those flat strips be from?  How
> the heck would little stones have gotten in there?  What amount of
> metallic dust & flakes is considered typical wear?
> 	...and, most of all, is it likely that any of these suspects
> are actually related to the tranny's symptoms?
> 	Here's hoping...!
> Thanks,
> -Greg
> At 6:49 PM -0700 5/30/04, Greg Merritt wrote:
>>	Bug-o-rama updates later tonight or tomorrow, but first...
>>	On my way into Sacramento, there was some heavy traffic on
>>the freeway and I slowed down to like 35 or 45 or so.  Went
>>appropriately into second under a heavy foot (probably kicking down,
>>as I recall) to speed back up... but it wouldn't shift into third
>>when I started to go fast.  I even let off the gas considerably and
>>decelerated -- still didn't shift into third.  (Was going at least
>>50mph at this point!)
>>	I popped the shifter into neutral and let the engine drop to
>>idle -- still going roughly 50mph or so, and slowing down.  After a
>>couple of seconds, I slid the shifter back into 3, and gently
>>pressed the accelerator -- and I achieved 3rd gear, sped on up
>>(careful not to kickdown), and went on my way.
>>	It's safe to say that it is doing this 100% of the time now
>>-- it will absolutely NOT go into third unless I pop it into neutral
>>at speed, let the rpms drop, and then re-select 3 at the shifter --
>>OR I can get up to, say, 40-50 (it stays in 2nd), let my foot off
>>the gas, wait for the car to slow down a bunch -- then it will slide
>>into 3rd.  This takes longer and is more difficult than the "put it
>>into neutral" trick.
>>	Has anyone come across this before?  Where might I look first?
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