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Re: [T3] UK T3 pictures

That silver/pink pearl topless Square had a nitro installation too.  It came to
a gathering at our President's house back then.  No door locks - opens using a
handle behind the hinged tail-light assembly, or climb in over, I suppose!
Probably long scrapped.
Yes, Bob, very cool in the UK climate, though we don't get it as frozen as you.

I don't like the Squashback either - but then I reckon VW got it right first
time round, and didn't lose much with the long front, which was changed to help
meet USA safety regs anyway.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> In a message dated 12/13/04 7:55:11 AM Central Standard Time,
> mjones@tandbergtv.com writes:
> << Someone has posted a load of pictures on the UK owners club website.
>  These may be interesting to some of you since there are a number of chopped
> squares which really show why it shouldn't be done, IMHO.
>  I think the photos are from the late 80s. >>
> I really liked seeing some of the older customs, but the colors used sure do
> date them. I mean pink with blue stripes?? Just kidding Brian. : ) Still some
> of the chops were interesting, and the topless type3 is very cool.
> Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
>        71 Square, now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at;
> http://volksrods.com

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