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Re: [T3] Rear Wheel Bearing Puller

On 6 Dec 2004 at 23:42, John Jaranson wrote:

> If Russ hasn't seen it done....maybe it can't be. <G>

I'm sure it can be done if you're willing to go to the extra work to remove the 
axle housings. Yes, it is a lot of extra work, but I've seen so many problems 
with the split boots that I'd be tempted to do it this way, too. I would think 
that replacing boots this way would be the standard way, if this was being done 
in the course of a transmission rebuild.  

The problems with the split boots seem to stem from ones that were improperly 
installed (the split MUST point straight to the rear) and boots which were just 
too small, so that the split couldn't be pulled together and sealed reliably. I 
suspect that when Russ did these, they had GOOD OE VW boots to use, and that 
they fit right. In that case I would not hesitate to do it this way if that was 
the only thing that needed to be done. Then you can just do it with everything 
still in the car, and it's only an hour or two for the job.  

> Anyone had success with stretching the boot over the inner flared end 
> of the axle tube as described and shown in the Bentley manual?  I have 
> the non-split boots hanging in my garage right now, but could exchange 
> them for the split replacement type if necessary.

Go for it! If that fails, try to get some good split boots. I've seen 
instructions to carefully remove burrs from the edge of the flange on the axle 
tube before you start. Lube the flange and the boot with gear oil to help them 
slide around the flange and the screwdrivers.

It might be reassuring to have a 3rd boot ready in the wings in case you have 
trouble with the "learning curve." Let us know how it goes, but I suspect 
you'll get them on successfully.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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