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Re: [T3] Injector interchangability?

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From: "Jim Adney" <jadney@vwtype3.org>
 > fuel. At some point the PS will max out, however, and then there will be
> additional fuel as the airflow continues to increase. So you are lean.
> If you try to cure this by just increasing the fuel pressure you can make
> things work right at some point, but the mixture at 36psi will be 20% rich
> the PS will still be maxed out.

A "ramping" regulator has been suggested to take this into account.
That is,using a microswitch,(or something similar),a higher pressure
could be "activated" at some pre-set throttle position.I think I've heard of
a thing being used in turbo application.

> > >In my opinion, It MIGHT be possible to upgrade our FI to that of a
> > >different car IF we also upgraded the throttle body either by machining
> > the
> > >throat diameter to that of the other car, or by using the throttle body
> > from that car.
> >
> > Is the porsche d-jet THAT dissimiliar?The internal volume doesn't appear
> > be that different. (The porsche bieng slightly larger)
> Internal volume has nothing to do with it. It's simply the throat diameter
> possibly a small effect from the air cleaner flow properties. I don't know
> the relative throat diameters are, or what effects that might have.

I am assuming that you're referring to air velocity past the port for the
Hmmmmm.If the relative diameters of the throat are close then perhaps it's
only a matter of placeing the sensing port of the MPC at a distance that
approximates the distance inside a T3.

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