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Re: [T3] engine part numbers don't match?

On 29 Nov 2003 at 8:12, dennis perusse wrote:  

> Here's a puzzler for you all. 

> The number on the case halves read 211.101.101 e on one side, and
> 211.101.102 e on the other. Yet on the top of the case in blue reads
> the number 311.010.AC . Now can someone explain to me why this case,
> which technically reads as a type II on the actual case halves has
> another number which is to say that it is a type III case; but that is
> not the real weird part. 

The numbers that you see cast into the sides of the case halves are the 
internal VW numbers for the CASTINGS only. Once they were machined, they got 
different part numbers, because they could be machined different ways for 
different cars.  

> Now on the head the number reads 311.101.370 G and on the underside of
> that, if you will, reads the number 74 on it. My assumption here is
> that these heads are from 1974 unless their is someother type of number
> designation that applies to them. 

The 74 is most likely the mold number. VW would have a large number of molds 
for casting these heads, and if they started seeing problems when they machined 
these into heads, they would want to be able to trace back to the actual mold 
that these were cast in. This number gives them traceability. Once again the 
311G number is just the casting number and not the part number of the finished 

Original 72-3 type 3 heads would have breather hose nipples into the rocker 
boxes. Do you have these?   

> The head scratcher becomes this. How is that my car which was built in
> april of 1973 get, technically a bus block, and then heads that were
> done a year after the car was made? 

Easy. It's not a bus block and the heads weren't made in 74.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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