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Re: [T3] engine part numbers don't match?

Dennis wrote:
> The case is an as-41 dual port, dual relief case,
>which I know was the standard for my car which is a
>1973 squareback.  The number on the case halves read
>211.101.101 e on one side, and 211.101.102 e on the
>other. Now can someone explain to me why
>this case, which technically reads as a type II on the
>actual case halves has another number which is to say
>that it is a type III case; but that is not the real
>weird part.

This is because the case started out from the VW foundry as a bus case with 
all the mounting bosses in place that BOTH a bus and a type3 used.  The case 
was then machined specifically for a type3 afterward. If you look at a universal 
case, they have the same casting numbers too, as they can be used in a type1, 
2, or 3.

 >Now on the head the number reads 311.101.370 G and
>on the underside of that, if you will, reads the
>number 74 on it. My assumption here is that these
>heads are from 1974 unless their is someother type of
>number designation that applies to them. 
These are just casting numbers that are used by the factory to tell what time 
and day it was cast. It is more of a control number for VW than anything. I 
have some around here that have an 86 on them, and they are single port heads.

 >The head scratcher becomes this. How is that my car
>which was built in april of 1973 get, technically a
>bus block, and then heads that were done a year after
>the car was made? Again I stress to all of you that
>this engine looks to be original since if looks as if
>nothing has been touched in 30 years. 

I think your missing the above info, you probably have an original type3 
engine for your car. The way to really tell is the number/letter codethat is 
located next to the part line of the case halfs, and check Dave Halls site to see 
if it was built before April of 73, as the engine would normally be built 
before the car was sold if it was OE.

>Yet on the top of the case in blue reads the
>number 311.010.AC . 

I don't know what this numer corresponds to, it might have been a warranty 
replacement engine while the car was still under warranty. Russ??

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       70 Fastback AT

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