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Re: [T3] engine part numbers don't match?

>  The case is an as-41 dual port, dual relief case,
> which I know was the standard for my car which is a
> 1973 squareback.  The number on the case halves read
> 211.101.101 e on one side, and 211.101.102 e on the
> other. Yet on the top of the case in blue reads the
> number 311.010.AC . Now can someone explain to me why
> this case, which technically reads as a type II on the
> actual case halves has another number which is to say
> that it is a type III case; but that is not the real
> weird part.
>   Now on the head the number reads 311.101.370 G and
> on the underside of that, if you will, reads the
> number 74 on it. My assumption here is that these
> heads are from 1974 ...

No problem with the numbers - the cast in numbers are simply the generic parts,
and it shows the cases as moulded were initially made for Type 2 production
(1600cc upright engine).
101 and 102 signify the left and right case halves.
The 311 reference means it has been machined as a Type 3 case - the 010AC I
presume is some further info as to suitability/fit.

If you look at lots of components in a 1500/1600 Type 1 or Type 2 upright engine
they have a Type 3 part number.

The part number cast into the head is fine, the 74 is just coincidence - it
tells them the mould number in case the pattern has become damaged, malformed or
worn out.  Incidentally, you will find many Beetle heads start with 311, for the
same reason explained above.

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