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[T3] engine part numbers don't match?


  Here's a puzzler for you all.  My engine, nicknamed
crusty for all the rust and deteriorating stuff on it,
has finally been taken down to the short block a brief
while back.  The odd thing is that the numbers on
certain stuff doesn't match.  As far as I know this is
the original engine in it since it looks as if the
case has never been pulled open and all of the tin
ware was rusted together.  Get a gander at this...
 The case is an as-41 dual port, dual relief case,
which I know was the standard for my car which is a
1973 squareback.  The number on the case halves read
211.101.101 e on one side, and 211.101.102 e on the
other. Yet on the top of the case in blue reads the
number 311.010.AC . Now can someone explain to me why
this case, which technically reads as a type II on the
actual case halves has another number which is to say
that it is a type III case; but that is not the real
weird part.
  Now on the head the number reads 311.101.370 G and
on the underside of that, if you will, reads the
number 74 on it. My assumption here is that these
heads are from 1974 unless their is someother type of
number designation that applies to them.
 The head scratcher becomes this. How is that my car
which was built in april of 1973 get, technically a
bus block, and then heads that were done a year after
the car was made? Again I stress to all of you that
this engine looks to be original since if looks as if
nothing has been touched in 30 years.  I do know for
certain that the car was in a mild fender bender but
nothing that would suggest a replacement of the
engine.  I do realize that the block is most likely
rebuildable but I will only really know once I crack
open the case halves and inspect everything.  But you
have to admit it looks quite strange to have something
like this happen.  Has anyone on the list had this
while restoring their ride?

1973 squareback (work in progress)

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