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Re: [T3] Gas heater works

  i love my gas heater well i have to it is the only heating i have in my
car !! but boy does it bang the heat out i have managed to shoehorn a bn4
into the fron trunk of my sqr .

 i used to have the outlet conected right up to my demisters at the screen i
have subsequently this and installed a seperate sqirril fan in my glove box
this can blow cold air if my heater is not on but its intake is just above
my heaters outlet so if it is on a  thickly iced windowscreen is defrosted
in minutes.

i have a good understanding of how these work and the things to watch have
mainly beedn covered a couple other points besides low voltage and poor fan
speed . the injector after all these years can become worn and the hole
becomes too large so that even with the pressure regulator set to the lowest
pressure they still run too rich also a weak spark these plugs are all well
past there best these days and if you can get hold of a nos one this may

 all conections should be completly undone cleaned with a scotchbite pad
nice and bright and then done up firm  tight nice and tight .

if with fresh gas in there and some preventative maint carried out dont
continue to run it as it will just build up more soot inside and make maters

mfg njv.

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