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Re: [T3] CVjoints questions


That's pretty normal. If I have to replace any, I usually find good used ones. Ours are the same as Beetle's and water cooled inners. Type 2 & 4 are larger. Good used ones also frequently come with good boots, too. Be aware that the type 3 AT axle shafts are different from each other and from those on MT type 3s and beetles.

Yes. I was very careful about marking which joint came from where, and also not mixing the bit of different joints up. I know the shafts are different. If by rotational play you mean that the inside part of the joint turns inside that outer part, then I think mine are OK.

A couple more questions: Bentley says the lock washers on the screws aren't necessary. As I seem to have them at least on most of the screws, should I keep them or throw them away?

I leave them, since Bentley also says to replace the bolts with shorter ones if you leave the washers out. I have spare washers if you need them.

I'll let you know. I am missing two up to now.

The inevitable happened: One of the screws rounded out as I was trying
to remove the other drive shaft.

You WERE using the 12 point spline wrench, weren't you?


You also have to dig all the dirt out of the socket head and then I usually use a hammer to tap the driver ALL the way to the bottom of the socket.

I was quite careful about this, although perhgaps not as careful as you. There was one other screw which I thought was rounded out, but I was able to hit the socket with a hammer and it turned it. I'll replace that screw too.

If you've really rounded out the socket, then take a cold chisel and strike it against the head tangentially. You will probably need to rotate the shaft to get a good shot at it; a friend to hold the wheel in the right position might be helpful.

I'll try that.

How on earth do I get the bloody thing out now? I've tried vice-grips,
with no success.

I've never had any luck with vice grips either. I think the heads are just too hard.

I have actually seen someone get one of these screws out with vice grips. This was on a Thing, which had the big bus-type CV joints. He also got all the screws out but one. He produced an ENORMOUS pair of vice grips, and managed to turn the screw with no trouble at all. Maybe I just need a bigger pair of vice grips :~)



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