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[T3] CVjoints questions

<x-flowed>Hi all,

I took one of my drive shafts out this morning, and took it apart. Getting it off and apart was easier than I expected. Just goes to show how important it is to have the right tools.

The rubber boots were absolute toast. I actually thought only one was gone; the other looked OK when I gave it a quick inspection under the car.

Anyway. I took off the CV joints and cleaned them up. There are definite signs of wear on both of them. One of them has shiny silver patches on the outer part, and you can see some metal has been worn away. The other one has a small patch of pitting on the inner hub. All twelve balls look perfect. I can send pics if necessary.

The question is (of course); does this mean I have to get new CV joints? What will happen if I don't? If I find the other two are in the same condition (and there's no reason they shouldn't be) then changing all four is going to be expensive., as the CV joints cost about $60 each over here.

A couple more questions: Bentley says the lock washers on the screws aren't necessary. As I seem to have them at least on most of the screws, should I keep them or throw them away?

Finally, should I paint the driveshaft? It's showing a bit of surface rust. I have some red Hammerite lying about which might look nice.



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