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Re: [T3] New strange problems

On 25 Nov 2003 at 15:43, Martinez, Leon B Civ 203 wrote:

>  I guess you guys heard about my starter shorting out my battery in an earlier 
> e-mail , well my newer starter just started to crank itself while on the highway ,

I've seen this happen when the spring return on the ignition switch failed. In 
that case someone just failed to turn the key back to the ON position and drove 
down the road with the starter running at about 15,000 RPM until it exploded.

Is your return spring okay?

> Another problem was that my spark plug on the # 1 cylinder keepsmelting the center electrode 
> and insulator 

What number plug are you using. This sounds like a plug that is way too hot a 
heat range, or you've got really bad detonation....

> I use premuim gasoline always, low compression 110 lbs and platinum plugs , are my plugs at fault , 
> I am now using non platinum Bosch plugs.

W8AC? Don't get the idea that a hotter plug would be a good idea for a hot 
driver. Hot engines actually need cooler plugs; you're trying to keep the plug 
tip temp in the proper range.

If you're using the right plugs and the problem persists with the new plugs, 
I'd be tempted to swap injectors between cyls 1 & 2, just to see if the problem 
goes with the injector.

> By the way I still drive crazy but with a little more sanity.

Well, I guess sanity may not always be as much fun, but it does have its 
rewards.  ;-)

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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