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[T3] New strange problems

New problem:

 I guess you guys heard about my starter shorting out my battery in an earlier 
e-mail , well my newer starter just started to crank itself while on the highway ,
a very strange noise was emmiting from the engine , i could not pin point where it 
was comming from , was a crunching grinding sound , I went to the side checked everything for 
metal shavings , found nothing , then tried to start the car and it was dead , no cranking , removed 
the starte and found the starter gear ground off and melted with metal drops , i thought that 
was it for my ring gear  called my brother , he delivered a rebuilt starter and everything was and is 
good for the past two weeks now.

Strange problems only me or do other people see that too?

Another problem was that my spark plug on the # 1 cylinder keepsmelting the center electrode 
and insulator , the head temps are low but this is the third one that has done this in a month , 
compression is good and not high , , I have changed injectors in case of a rich / lean condition 
exists , on the # 1 still melted the plug. The plug is so badly damaged that the center electrode
 is gone all the way halfway in and the threads look melted at the tip all rusted and crooked and
diminished (smaller ) like if melting were occuring , the head seems ok , 

Question , how  can a plug melt and the head not melt , I assume the head is not melted 
because it keeps good compression so far ?

I use premuim gasoline always, low compression 110 lbs and platinum plugs , are my plugs at fault , 
I am now using non platinum Bosch plugs.

What do you guys think , I hate to be the bearer of always odd problems.

By the way I still drive crazy but with a little more sanity.


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