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Re: [T3] Upper torsion arm needle bearings

>Wow, those look pretty bad. I've never seen needles broken like that, but the
>center part between bearings looks rusty. Someone left this front end without
>grease for a long time. I assume that was before you.

Yes, it was before me.  Really aggravating.

>The spacing between inner and outer bearings changed at some point in the early
>history. The inner bearing is a metal sleeve bearing set in a fiber ring. The
>Fiber ring was not supposed to be replacable. I don't even think I've managed
>to save any of them from axles I've parted out. I probably have a sleeve
>bearing, however. 

I'm not sure of the condition of the inner bearing, the torsion arm doesn't
look too bad where it would be.  I'll try to move the grease and check.

The fiber or bakelite bushing I'm looking for actually goes between the arm
and the axle tube.  The passenger side shows it in red in the photo.

>Early and late upper swing arms are different because of the different spacing
>between bearings, but I've heard of people repositioning the fiber and metal
>sleeves in order to replace these arms. I MAY have a good late arm.

I have located a good early arm, the needle bearing, and rubber seals, but
not the fiber bushing so far; do you have one (or two) of those?  Thanks for
the arm offer.

>Most of the servicing of this is covered very nicely in the Bentley manual,
>including the dimensions for the driver to install the bearings.

Yes, I've been looking there.  It seems that I will have to make a puller
out of a slide hammer somehow.

I'm hoping the lower bearings are ok, since there seems to be no play in the
arms, and the zerks are fairly noticeable (as is the grease all around the
arm seals).

Thanks for the help, I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Yancy Everhart
66 Squareback
63 343

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