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Re: [T3] Trans Problem...Solved?

Last week I noticed sudden difficulty with engaging 2nd on my '69 MT.  Most
people here suggested a shifter alignment problem more than an internal
problem.  There were no noises, just problems getting into 2nd gear.

So I looked at the shift plate.  No obvious wear, and the bushing seems OK.
A bit of slop in the shifter, but not much at all.  So I left the adjustment

I looked at the coupling under the car in front of the tranny.  Looked OK,
including the set screw.  I'm confused here, though.. Photos in Bentley
(Fig. 5-1, p.18) and Haynes (2.5b, P.95 and Fig. 6.4, p.97) show just one
set screw.  But the 1966 Elfrink manual (p.107) shows two set screws.  Was
there a difference early/late?  Maybe I just needed to look farther ahead in
the tunnel to find the forward screw?  Anyway, everything looked tight.  No
locking wire, though.  Looks like somebody replaced the square-head screw
with a hole for the wire with a hex-head screw with no hole.  The screw tip
was the right shape to pass into the dimple in the selector rod.  Guess I
should have put it back with loctite.

I decided to change the gear oil in the tranny.  I'd never done it to this
car since I've had it (3+ years).  I'm embarrassed to admit that it was
about a quart low, and the magnet was full of crud.  Put fresh oil in and
went for a drive.  Three days now, and 100 miles later, no problem with 2nd
gear anymore.  Low/old gear oil must have made 2nd gear sluggish in there?
Seems better now, in any case.

-Mark Fuhriman
 '69 Fastback

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