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Re: [T3] Engine mounts

On Sun, 2003-11-23 at 14:30, Daniel Baum wrote:
> Here are my engine mounts:
> Right: http://www.type34.info/temp/mini-IM000426.JPG
> and left: http://www.type34.info/temp/mini-IM000427.JPG
> As you can see they are the original parts, but they are completely flat.
I think you are right, and the rubber donut is just gone on both. They
look like mine, but without the rubber.
> It seems to me that if you were careful you could replace these without
> removing the engine. Does this seem realistic?

Yes, just support the engine from underneath, and remove the mounts.

> Actually I don't think they do. This certainly seems to be the reason that
> my engine slopes downwards towards the back of the car. I do have one
> annoying rattle, but I have traced it to the rear bumper.
This ould be the reason it doesnt sit right. We had problem with this
with the rubber still in place, but just settled. If the engine is still
low after replacing, you can add washers between this mount and the body
part. This was an authorized factory "adjustment".

> Very likely. However assuming that the original rubber in mine was killed by
> the heat, then any car of a similar age will have suffered the same
> conditions and is just as likely to have them in similar condition. Rubber
> doesn't last well in this climate.
You are welcome to mine if you want them. Contact me off list if
interested. But let me know soon, as we are supposed to get snow in the
next couple days, and this inhibits removal of parts from the parts car.

Russ Wolfe
'66 FB MT
'71 FB AT 
'65 Bug (not running)

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