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Re: [T3] Engine mounts

Here are my engine mounts:

Right: http://www.type34.info/temp/mini-IM000426.JPG

and left: http://www.type34.info/temp/mini-IM000427.JPG

As you can see they are the original parts, but they are completely flat.

> You won't have to realign as long as you mark the position of the old
> assuming that they are still in their original places.

It seems to me that if you were careful you could replace these without
removing the engine. Does this seem realistic?
> Yes, I would think that these would make a huge racket if the rubber was
> there anymore.

Actually I don't think they do. This certainly seems to be the reason that
my engine slopes downwards towards the back of the car. I do have one
annoying rattle, but I have traced it to the rear bumper.

> I have these also, in good used condition, if you need them, but I'll bet
> can find them locally in a late type 3 parts car.

Very likely. However assuming that the original rubber in mine was killed by
the heat, then any car of a similar age will have suffered the same
conditions and is just as likely to have them in similar condition. Rubber
doesn't last well in this climate.

Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic
Email: daniel@type34.info
Homepage: http://www.type34.info

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