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Re: [T3] Electrical Strangeness

<x-flowed>I think it's solved. I just replaced the #9 fuse and this seems to have cleared up the problem. When the fuse was in the box, it didn't look like it was bad, it looked fine. When I removed it, however, it came apart, so must have been cracked. It was working sporadically though. I replaced it and the brake/turn signal lights are functioning normally. I'm pretty sure this is the cause because I was able to duplicate the same behavior by removing the fuse. The behavior I'm talking about here is what I reported at the beginning of the thread, which is that the turn signal indicators would come on when I depressed the brake pedal, and that they would also come on when I tried the turn signals, but wouldn't flash. Not sure why those indicators are coming on in those situations when the #9 fuse is out...but I don't think it's a problem, just confused me. Thanks to everyone that provided suggestions on this problem!

Garret Trask
'68 Notchback
Littleton, CO

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