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Re: [T3] Engine mounts

<x-flowed>Greg Merritt wrote:

At 3:13 PM +0200 11/22/03, Daniel Baum wrote:

Hi all,

It turns out I am missing the two side rear rubber engine mounts. For this
reason my engine is too low, and presumably also makes the body of the car
vibrate too much.

Um... Daniel, if you're missing them, why doesn't your engine fall out?!?

Did they really fit the T34 with a rear engine hanger for 1969 only, its last year of production? I guess you have cv joints, so you probably do? I'm confused...

Well, judging from the responses, it looks like I didn't do a very good job of explaining what I need :~)

Yes, my car is IRS. Automatic Type 34s had IRS in 1968 and 69, manual Type 34s had IRS in 69 only. I have the engine hanger, otherwise the engine would fall out, as you say. The engine hanger is bolted to two metal plates at the side of the engine bay. I understand that there are supposed to be rubber bushings or something between the metal plates and the engine hanger. This is what I am missing. Therefore my engine sits too low (the two ends of the rubber air intake boot don't line up properly) I assume that the rubber bushings would absorb some of the vibration of the engine.

I will send pics of what I have tomorrow, if it isn't raining. It's dark here now.



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