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[T3] Upper torsion arm needle bearings

While greasing the front end the other day I noticed some play in the
drivers side upper torsion arm bearing.

I removed the torsion arms and sway bar only to find the needles in the
bearing broken in half!  The passenger side seems to be fine, as the bearing
is intact and the red fiber-looking bushing was in place, (although
cracked).  Here are a few images of my front end:


The drivers side torsion arm looks pretty bad, so I am looking for a good
replacement -- anyone have one?  I have located a new bearing, with p/n
311.401.305A  is this correct for my '63 T3 Ghia, chassis # 0166781?

If that number is correct, how do I pull the old bearing out and drive the
new one in?

I will also need 2 of the red fiber-composite bushings that go between the
axle and the torsion arm, along with torsion arm seals, p/n 311.405.129.
Anyone have any of these parts for sale or know where to find them?

What do those of you with front end experience think I should do?

Yancy Everhart
66 Squareback
63 343

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